Sunday, December 21, 2008


Thanksgiving was held at Robert's parents house this year. It was a small get together with the grandparents, Uncle Brent and Aunt Deb as well as their youngest daughter Sadie. We had a wonderful meal and enjoyed spending time with everyone. The kids were their usual bundles of energy. After dinner we got the privilege of listening to Sadie play the piano. She has only been taking lessons for about seven months but sounds like she has been taking for at least a couple of years. She is so talented!

The best part of Thanksgiving dinner at Mike and Vicki's has got to be the pies. There were 7 pies for 12 people! Vicki made the lemon, caramel, cherry, and pecan pies. I made my famous chocolate mousse and a pumpkin pie. Deb made her famous banana cream pie. Brent surprised us all by making his old fashion raisin cookies. They were all so yummy! (And yes I had a little slice of them all by the end of the day).

Of course, no family get together would be complete without the traditional Stephenson "cream" puffs. They call them cream puffs but I have never tasted cream like this! Hold on to your hats folks--the "cream" is a mixture of cheese whiz and miracle whip. The "cream" is then piped into a pastry puff and topped with icing and chopped nuts! Every year the family tells me I'll get use to them. Even after 10 years I still can't eat them. Yuck!!!

The highlight of the dinner was the turkey table decorations the kids and I had made. Even Grandpa Karren ate his! I just love the holidays!!


Gifford Family said...

I love the decorations! Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving :)

Sarah said...

That's my kind of Thanksgiving - lots of pie! Your Oreo turkeys are so cute.